Let’s Move Our Economy Forward

Autoworkers have watched their jobs go overseas. Teachers are striking for higher wages and better working conditions. Hardworking men and women across the country are fighting for the same thing —

to earn a living wage for a hard day’s work. With factories closing, wages not growing, and healthcare costs rising, the American Dream is out of reach for way too many.

The working class is the backbone of America. But today, too many working families go to bed wondering how they’re going to pay the bills. How does a family choose between paying for their children’s medicine and putting food on the table?

There was a time when government championed growth and entrepreneurship. The government can do that again. We can build an economy that inspires. One that invests in entrepreneurship. The government can and should protect the worker.

Together we can build an economy that works for everyone. Where workers are cut in on the deal and actually benefit from the economic gains they help create.