Improving Our Agriculture and Food System

It is time for us to help our farmers and fix our food system. Farmers are struggling. Obesity and diabetes rates are rising. There are so many communities without access to fresh produce. We need a comprehensive plan that strengthens our country’s small and regional farms, eliminates food deserts, and promotes healthy eating.

We can’t talk about food without first looking at our farm system. Our farmers are hurting. Retaliatory tariffs from China have lowered prices. Extreme weather has delayed the planting of crops and even destroyed some crops. This is leaving many farmers unsure of what the future holds. We need to strengthen and expand safety nets for farmers, such as crop insurance. We need to protect farmers against unpredictable circumstances.

As President, I will push for a Farm Bill and agriculture policy that moves our country’s food system forward. We need to promote sustainable farming practices. We need to support local and organic farms. We need to start city farming programs. We need to teach people about conservation practices. Most importantly, we need to increase access to healthy, fresh foods for all Americans.

We need to enact federal policies that protect family farms. The numbers don’t lie. Big producers of crops get billions of dollars in subsidies each year. While the smaller, regional farmers producing diversified specialty crops receive next to nothing. Additionally, 60% of these subsidies go to corn and other grains. Only 0.45% goes toward fruits and vegetables. This is unacceptable. Government subsidies need to shift away from highly processed foods, and more to fruits, vegetables, and organic farms.